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Affordable Web Hosting Company– Is Cheaper Always Better?-2020

Affordable Web Hosting
Affordable Web Hosting
web hosting

Whether you are designing a brand new website or just thinking of switching to a new web hosting company, one of your deciding factors will be the price for hosting services. Like most individuals and business owners on the web, you want to get the most for what you will spend.

As a website owner, it is your goal to provide products, content, or something else of value to those people searching on the internet for what you have to offer.

The goal of the web hosting company is ultimately to move your website and content onto the internet so that your website is available to those searchers.

With such a wide variety of web hosting companies, each of them with very different pricing structures and hosting packages, how do you know which one is right for you and your website?

Some of the most important and best factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company

Depending on how complicated or in-depth your website is and how many pages it will be, you will definitely need to consider a few very important factors. such as how much disk space and how much bandwidth you need to house your website.

If you know it will be a large amount, or if you are just unsure of exactly what your needs are for disk space and bandwidth, it is probably wise to choose a hosting company that offers an unlimited plan, such as

Hostinger, a company that has received excellent ratings from users on affordable hosting plans and features. Hostinger Panel is extremely user-friendly and can be used by those with little experience in website development. you will get more speed, better SEO .visitor retention and conversions with their custom-built WP optimization stack and Lite Speed cache if you go for wordpress hosting.

As a website owner, you should be aware that the cheapest web hosting plan is not always the best web hosting plan based on your specific requirements.

For example, if you choose the cheapest web hosting company without reviewing the details.

you may find that in the long run, the hosting company’s uptime is lacking and that you have lost sales and leads. Instead, you should try to choose a web hosting company, such as

Site Ground, that can guarantee both affordability and a 99.9% uptime.They manage the security of your sites at server and application level. Also they offer free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate that keeps your data safe and daily backups that ensure your peace of mind. Also they are packed with tons of features that save you time and effort.

Cheap Web Hosting – Do Your Research

Overall, discount or cheap web hosting is not necessarily a bad thing, and it isn’t always inferior to higher priced hosting. However, the important part is to look beyond the price at other factors that will be relevant and significant to your specific website’s needs.

Be sure to also read and understand the fine print; cheap web hosting may come with hidden fees that are not apparent right away. It will be better to spend little time in reviewing all hosting company carefully.

There are many affordable web hosting companies with plans that even offer bonus features, such as Bluehost – without fine print that increases the real cost of your hosting service.

Bluehost is a top-rated hosting provider that provides included features that will be helpful to new website owners, such as a free site builder, web-mail, email auto-respondent, hotlink protection and more. you will also get Free Domain Name For 1st Year with Fee SSL Certificate.

Whatever you decide, make your choice based on a combination of features and benefits – and not just the cost.

Best Hair Growth Oil for Men & Women that Really work In 2020

hair growth oil
hair growth oil

If you are suffering from baldness or your hair is getting thinner and you are looking for the best hair growth oil, then you have definitely came to the right place.

While there are some methods, such as hair transplantation, which could increase the overall appearance, but it makes no sense when you think of countless trips to the cosmetic surgeon and thousands and even millions spent. Even more, such surgeries often tend to fail. Also hair transplantation in India is mess.

Fortunately, today there are products that, unlike other methods, cure the root of the problem of hair loss. Hair growth products are increasingly popular, compared to other hair loss treatments, they are affordable and often more effective.

Hair growth products are mostly made of natural ingredients that make them safe to use.

Of course, although there are many hair growth products available, only a few are effective when it comes to achieving lasting results. There are products that may look promising, but when examined more closely,

They are often found to contain low quality ingredients or even those that are banned for medical purposes. So, when considering all these factors, what is the best way to find the most effective hair regeneration products?

After reviewing dozens of remedies, we clearly see that there can be a big difference between products that at first glance may seem very similar.

  • Luxura Sciences Onion Hair growth  with 14 Essential Oils

    Onion Oil

Luxura Sciences Onion Hair Regrowth Oil Carefully-crafted with the 14 highest quality ingredients.

Multi-Purpose Hair Growth Oil/Serum for Complete Hair Treatment with Argan, Bhringraj, Hibiscus, Sesame, Amla, Sweet Almond, Olive and more.

Color-safe and always free of sulfates, phosphates, silicone, and parabens.

Healthy Nourishment – Only the best for your hair. Onion Oil, Hibiscus Oil, Moroccan Argan, Jamaican Castor Oil, Amla, and more. Light-Feeling & Non-Greasy – leaves your hair feeling moisturized and grease-free.

A little goes a long way. Leave-In Conditioning – Helps to penetrate hair follicles for all-day moisture and no greasy residue.

· Rey Naturals Cold Pressed Castor Hair growth Oilhair growth oil

100% cold pressed castor oil by Rey Naturals is one of the most versatile carriers or base oils used in skin and hair care.

Castor oil is highly effective in hydrating dry, lifeless skin making it glow with a renewed health and making skin smooth and soft.

It is rich in the nutrients required by the body, making it highly coveted in any beauty routine.

Some may find this oil slightly thicker than other oils hence it is recommended that this oil is blended with other carrier oils or essential oils of your preference to alter its texture and also mask its strong aroma.

· Beardhood Onion Oil with Redensyl for Hair growth and Anti Hair fall

Beard Hood oil

Walk with that confidence in your life and bounce in your hair courtesy Beardhood’s Onion Oil loaded with14 carefully handpicked essential oils that gives intense nourishment and care to your hair.

Fighting that receding hairline and gifting yourself voluminous hair was never this easy.

· St Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Oil (With Pure Argan, Jojoba, Almond, Castor, Olive, Avocado, Rosemary Oils)hair growth oil

It’s a fantastic multitasker. The ingredients used have several benefits. They a lubricant, so they’re great for de tangling wet hair. They are a sealant, so they seal the cuticle down.

They are a great heat protectant. Overall, they’re a great hair health booster. Rich in fatty acids it replace the lipids in your hair when it starts to get really fine; 100% natural ingredients, no SLS.

No parabens. No sulfates, no harmful chemicals. No colors. Recommended for both men and women

· Urban Botanics® Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil for Hair and Skin, 200ml (Odorless)hair growth oil

The natural almond oil by urban botanics is made from the high quality almonds packed with fatty acids, minerals, fibers and antioxidants.

It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which is completely beneficial for health.

Almond oil has various uses, majorly for hair and skin. It rejuvenates and maintains a healthy and soft skin. Also, it helps in maintaining healthy hair and nourishes the scalp.

Tangi App By Google : TikTok’s best alternative ? – 2020

tangi app by Google

For the past decade or so, YouTube is our go-to-app for watching videos on many categories, be it cooking recipe or DIY and crafts or any type of how to do, fashion hauls, beauty swatches, entertainment or anything health-related. But now, Google has launched a new app, known as the Tangi app by google to decrease the popularity of a Chinese app, which is known as TikTok.

The app was launched on Thursday under Google’s experimental lab area 120. The features are very similar to Tiktok. It allows the users to record a video and then they can upload it on the platform.

The only difference between Tiktok and Tangi app is that Tiktok allows the user to upload videos in a duration of 15 seconds and 60 seconds but Tangi allows the users to upload videos of only 60 seconds.

The name originally comes from Teach and give and “Tangible”- things you can make. Google started to build this app last year and their journey ended on Thursday.

This app has a cool “Try It” feature where you can remake the video that you are watching. On a sad note, the app is accessible only on iOS but not on Android right now.

The platform will allow the users to record as many as possible videos they want and after that, they can upload it on the platform. They can like and comment too. They can even share it on their social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, using the link.

On the Tangi app by Google, the users will be able to learn new things and share it with their friends and family members too.

How to use it?

To use the Tangi app by google, you just have to open the app and create an account. You can sign in by using your own Gmail account. It has the “Sign in with Google” so there won’t be any hassle to have a password and you won’t have to even remember it. Now you can simply go to the “Edit” option and can edit your personal basic details like your name, age, gender as you want.

You can receive notifications about who liked and comment on your videos if you want. You can also accept notification about marketing. If you don’t want to get the notifications, you can simply choose to opt-out from it. It’s totally your decision.

tangi app by google

Advantages of Tangi app by Google:-

This app was launched on Thursday, 2020.It is still under development and only available for iOS users. Android users can not access this app. This app has several advantages. They are mentioned below:-

  • It allows the user to upload a video of 60 seconds duration.
  • The users can upload in many categories as it contains several types of categories.
  • The user can share his or her talents in various fields by uploading videos
  • You can even share it with your friends and family members.
  • It allows the creator and viewers to interact with each other. It allows them to know each other.
  • This app enables the world to see various types of talents, be it creativity or Do it yourself videos.
  • You can learn much more about various types of ideas, you will get creative knowledge.
  • Tangi app by Google will give money to the creators as per the views on their videos. So, it will be beneficial to the creators too, just like YouTube gives money to the users as per the views.
  • Unlike TikTok and some apps like that, it does not solely focused on the entertainments for users. The main purpose of this app is creativity.
  • It is ad-free. So the ads won’t disturb you while you’re watching a video.
tangi app by google
Tangi App Screenshot

Disadvantages of Tangi app by Google:-

Along with the advantages, the Tangi app has some major disadvantages too. Those advantages can not be ignored so they are mentioned below:-

  • It is still under development
  • It is still not available for Android users. Only iOS users can access this app. For the android users, they can use it through their official website where you have to open an account to use it.
  • It only allows to upload videos of 60 seconds. The users can not upload any short time duration videos like TikTok.
  • Through the website, users can only see the videos uploaded by the video creators. They can not create any video and upload it.

“We only focus on DIY and creativity content,” explains Tangi founder, Coco Mao. “Our platform’s goal is to help people learn to craft, cook and create with quick one-minute videos. We designed Tangi to make it easier for users to find a lot of high-quality how-to videos,” she says.

Many more people who were creative but was smartphone challenged and did not know how to properly use a smartphone or did not have access to the social media or did not have any interest in social media like Facebook and Twitter and Instagram are getting super excited after launching of this app.

Maybe they were creative but did not know how to share their talent or better yet, where to share it. Maybe they wanted a name for themselves but did not know how or which would be the ideal platform for them to share their thoughts and experiences and ideas. Tangi is the ideal app for them to share their ideas. It is very popular among them and the popularity is increasing between them.

So, as a conclusion, we could say though the Tangi app has many disadvantages like it’s availability for android users, creating video contents, time duration of videos and so on, it has some major advantages too, like it is hassle-free, easy to use, ad free, the creators got money as per their views from the authority. It allows the users to share their experiences, creative ideas and DO IT YOURSELF ideas too.

This app is focused on the creativity and that is why it is getting popular day after day among every generation, be it senior people or youths.

10 best Back Pain Exercise for Relieve


Nowadays back pain is a major problem, be it an adult or a minor, be it male or female, almost everyone is suffering from back pain. The reasons for back pain may include your lifestyle, your age or it could be hereditary.In today’s life, everyone is busy so they don’t have that much time to maintain a healthy life. But, it is necessary. If you’re suffering from back pain, here are some ways, by these back pain exercise, you can relieve your pain.

Follow these Back Pain Exercise Carefully for better Results

  1. Bird Dog:-

It is a great back pain exercise to make your back mobilized.

  • Keep your one hand on the floor and other hand straight.
  •  Bend your one knee and and place it on the floor
  • Keep your other leg parallel to the floor. Try to keep it straight. At first, you will face problem to keep it straight.
  • If you can not keep it straight, then you can modify it by bending it a little.
  • Do it for 10-15 seconds, 2 or 3 times.

2. Pelvic Tilts

Another way to reduce your back pain is doing pelvic tilts. Stretch your muscles a bit, warm up before you perform this back pain exercise. To perform this exercise, you need to follow some steps:-

  • Lie on your back. Keep your feet width-apart. Keep your chin tucked in.
  • Tilt your pelvic or hips a little towards your heels, gently arch your lower back. You will feel contractions in your stomach muscle. Return to the original position. Repeat it 8 to 12 times.

3. Bridge:-

This is another great exercise for back pain. It helps to keep your back mobilized. After doing this one, you won’t feel any increase in the lower back pain.To do this exercise, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Lie on your back.
  • Keep your feet firmly placed on the floor, width apart. Bent your knees.
  • Take a deep breath and when you breath out, lift your hips a little.
  • Breath in and return to the original position.

4. Lower back stretch:-

Another great exercise to reduce your back pain. But, be cautious, DO NOT perform this exercise if you have herniated disc. It will make the condition much more worse. Follow the steps:-

  • Lie on your stomach. Keep your hands on the floor, bent your elbows.
  • Place your feet on the floor. Your toes should touch the floor.
  • Kneel on all fours.
  • Breath out and slowly take your bottom to your heels
  • Breath in and return to the previous position.
  • Do it for 20 to 30 seconds.

5. Leg Stretch:-

This is a common exercise for back pain which involves the hamstrings. Hamstrings gets way too tight when you face back pain. This exercise for back pain makes them stretchable. Follow these steps to perform the exercise:

  • Lie on your back.
  • Keep both feet on the floor and knees raised up.
  • Loop a small tower under the ball of your one foot.
  • Straighten your knees and slowly pull back the towel
  • Do it for 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Don’t overdo it if you feel any numbness.

6. Spine Stretch:-

This is another back pain exercise. But before performing this, please make sure what is causing your back pain. If you have herniated disc, the condition will make it worse. In that case, consult with a physiotherapist before performing this. To do this,

  • First, lie on your back and spread your hands as shown in the picture.
  • Bent your knees
  • Keep your feet firmly on the floor.
  • Breath out and roll your knees to a side, followed by your pelvic. Keep your shoulder firmly on the ground.
  • Breath in and return to the original position.

7. Hip Stretch:-

When you face back pain, your hip muscles becomes very tight. This exercise flex the muscle and reduce the tightness completely. If you hip muscles are too tight, it can alter your posture which is known as Donald Duck posture.

The steps to perform the exercise are mentioned below:-

  • Kneel on your knees. Keep one leg in front of the other knee as the picture shown below.
  • Do it for 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat two times for each side. Do it cautiously.

8. Tummy Straightening:

It is important to straighten your tummy to reduce back pain. Tummy muscles works together with the back muscles. If they are not okay, then the back muscles will be very tight. Which will ultimately result in back pain.

  • Lie on your back.
  • Bent your knees and keep your feet firmly on the floor.
  • Take one foot towards to your chest as you breath out.
  • Return to the original position as you breath in.
  • For each leg, repeat 6 to 8 times.

9. Piriformis Stretch:-

When you have back, another muscle can be very tight, which is piriformis. It is located in your butt. If you reduce the tightness of piriformis, the back pain will reduce immensely.

  • Lie on your back
  • Cross your right ankle over your left knee.
  • Grip your thigh and when you breath out, pull the knee towards you.

Do it for 20 to 30 seconds, two times for each leg.

10. Deep Abdominal Straightening:-

This is another good back pain exercise. Do it regularly to reduce the pain bit by bit. It is very gentle and simple exercise.

  • Lie on your back.
  • Place a pillow under your head, get comfortable.
  • Bend your knees.
  • Keep your feet firmly on the floor and they should be hip distance apart.
  • Your body should be relaxed and chin tucked in.
  • Breath in first and when you breath out, Draw your belly button towards your spine.
  • Do it for 10 to 15 seconds. Breath in and return to the original position.
  • This exercise should be done slowly and gently.

So, these are the exercises for back pain. Hope it helps. But you should always consult a physiotherapist if you feel uncomfortable with any of these. Warm up and stretch your muscles a bit before performing the exercises.

Top 15 best app for Moms in 2020


In today’s lifestyle, almost everyone is busy doing something. Moms don’t stay at home nowadays. They have a busy schedule, where it is kind of impossible to maintain a healthy balance between career and personal life. That’s where apps came to rescue them. Here are some best app for Moms which will help the new Moms to take care of their children, in parenting, and some of these apps are used for kids to learning.

Top 15 best app for Moms in 2020

  1. Healofy
Healofy. Image from google play store.

This is one of the best app for moms in 2020 for new Moms-to-be. When you are so confused about what to do in any of your problems, you will find the solution here. You can choose your own language to continue use this app. Ask your questions directly and get help from an expert, if you want, you can do it anonymously too!

2. Firstcry India:-

This is a best app for moms where they can buy various type or clothes and baby products for your little Baby. They have amazing quality products and you will be fully satisfied with their service. On special occasions, they provide great discount too. Their products are always under budget. You won’t have to rob a bank to buy!

3. Babychakra:- Indian Pregnancy and Parenting tips

According to the developers of this app, this is :-

India’s No.1 Baby Safe,

100% Toxin Free Products –

Hand Sanitizer, Hand Wash, Fruit, Vegetable, Toy Wash.

BabyChakra is India’s largest parenting and pregnancy FREE app.

Here you can find chat rooms too for moms to be to contact with experts.

4. WebMD pregnancy app:-

This is available for iOS. It helps to monitor and has educational features about pregnancy process, health and fitness. In here, if you want, you can consult a physician too in emergency. It has a reminder which will help you to remember if you have any upcoming appointment.
5. Band of Mothers- Social network for Moms:-

As the name suggests, this is the best app for moms to connect virtually and socially. You can chat as much as you want. Find the groups that interests you the most and join them. Other than that, you will find important tips too for your pregnancy. So, if you face any problem, you can find the solution here too, via tips or via consulting an expert.

6. Babygogo Parenting:- Baby care and Pregnancy tips:-

From pregnancy to support for parents with school goers, they provide support for parents end to end. Ask yours and your baby’s medical questions to doctors live on the app, track your child’s growth with their growth chart, set vaccination reminders and store medical documents using Babygogo. This app also offers parenting tips which is a bonus.

7. Mumzworld:-

They provide products for babies like clothes, play gym etc. It is a popular app in middle East. While shopping in here, you can get valuable Moms point and get rewards too. You will get colors, sizes and everything that you need. On special occasion, they give special discounts too.

8. Pregnancy Tracker:- Baby due date calculator:-

According to this app, with the help of this, you can easily:

– Get DAILY pregnancy info

– Track your pregnancy week by week

– Calculate the current week of pregnancy

– Calculate due date (pregnancy date)

– Get baby size information and development updates weekly

– Get information on changes in your body

– Manage weight and belly growth gain goals with clinical guidelines for your BMI

– Get info with due date calculator

– Track your weight

– Track contractions and send results to a medic

– Track baby kicks

9. Baby tracker:- Feeding, sleeping and diaper:-

This is a best app for Moms, special newbie moms with a hectic career schedule. With the help of this app, you can-

  • Track baby feeding and breastfeeding
  • Track diaper changes.
  • Track their sleeping schedule

10. The Happy Child:- Parenting app:-

Another great app which gives the most important parenting tips. With the help of this, you can easily find solution of your problems. They are science based, so the tips and information will be logical.

11. Growth Chart, Development milestone and Vaccination:-

The key features of this app are:-

  • Growth Tracker
  • Development Tracker
  • Food Tracker
  • Vaccination Tracker
  • Health tips
  • Chat groups

12. Pregnancy Day By Day:-

This is one of the best and powerful app for moms. With the help of this app, you can-

  • Your day to day pregnancy details.
  • Your weekly pregnancy details
  • You can watch ultrasound video of your baby every week
  • Your monthly pregnancy details
  • Weekly images of your baby
  • You can track your diet using the information provided by the experts.
  • Possible birth date of your baby
  • You can record the kicks of your baby and access them later.

13. Single Moms App:-

It was founded by 2008. It has a Single Moms online video community, Single Moms Radio, Single Moms Twitter, Single Moms online products feature. It helps in parenting. With the help of this, you will find solutions of all your problems. It is specially for single moms. With their busy and hectic lifestyle, it will make your parenting life hazard free and simple.

14. Baby Tracker:- breastfeeding tracker, newborn:-

This is a tracking app which helps you to breastfeeding, solid food feeding, bottle feeding, sleeping schedule and diaper changing. With the assistance of this app, you can-

  • Track feeding by each breast or by both
  • Fix solid food feeding, the amount and contents
  • Fixing diaper changing, you can note whether it is dirty or wet and can change it accordingly.
  • Record baths, temperature, walking etc.

15. Chat with Parents:-

This is the app where every kid can contact with their parents. Without any hassle, you can know where is your kids, if they are safe. If you get into any emergency situation, “send the alarm” will help you.

So, these are all the apps for Moms and Moms-to-be in 2020. It will help you in today’s life and will make your life hassle free.

The Best Massage Chair to buy in 2020

the best massage chair

Envision yourself returning home following a long and unpleasant day at the workplace, sit on your massage chair, and appreciate a relaxing and agreeable massage. I bet the inclination is difficult to portray. So, here are the best massage chair.

Features of the best massage chair

There is a huge swath of best massage chairs available with numerous features, alternatives and value focus. It is great to comprehend what you truly look for from the best massage chair to help control your basic decision making. We have assembled the 5 most significant best massage chair features.

Kneading Massage

 The manipulating capacity in a massage chair is the most significant. The kneading massage is a delicate or firm crushing development. The rollers must move sideways over your back to play out a manipulating knead. Ensure that the massage chair you buy has an engine that is devoted just to the plying massage. This guarantees the massaging will have adequate torque from the engine to perform immaculately.

Warmth Therapy

The heat has incredible mending capacities when applied in the correct circumstances. A large number of the top automated chairs have incorporated warming components into their chairs. A few chairs can warm just a single zone while others can warm various zones. If you can get the warming with singular zone controls, along these lines you can apply warmth to simply the area(s) you truly need. Warmth is relaxing and diminishes growing and increment bloodstream. 

Auto Programs

 Most massage chairs accompany automatic programs. Simply press a catch and the massage chair dominates and conveys the massage. The auto programs pursue pre-set projects as structured by the producers. The auto programs are set to control the different massage methods, areas, knead frameworks, and spans. All auto programs are not made equivalent. You need to ensure that the auto projects will perform knead treatments that you need. If you have lower back torment, at that point, you need to ensure the program can satisfactorily cover that territory.

Footrest Extension

 This is a somewhat straightforward element, however since massage chair began in Japan, they have consistently been special for the American market. To suit taller clients (for example the normal American), a footrest augmentation is basic. Most footstool expansions enable the footrest to go out an additional 3 to 4 inches. This does not appear to be a great deal, yet it is the contrast between fitting in the massage chair and not. On the off chance that you are five foot ten or over, you certainly need to research this further. 

The Best Massage chairs

Now that we have gone through all the features that a massage chair must possess, following are the best massage chairs that are rocking the world. So, here we are with them!

Ootori Massage Chair

OOTORI massage chair

In this Oootori massage chair, take a full load off. Choose to relax and relieve all weight and pressure while you have the heating function that warms your bottom back.

Enjoy a full-body massage and airbags strategically positioned to mimic various massage techniques such as shiatsu, kneading and knocking.

Ideal Massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair

IDEAL massage chair

The massage chair produced through an ideal massage is one of our most popular models. This massage chair is sold at a good value and provides a nice mix of features that match the needs of most users.

The 3D technology is great about this model. It device tests the curvature of your spinal cord and other physical characteristics so that each user has a personalized massage experience.

As a whole, it provides plenty of nice properties and only a fraction of the price of other versions is expensive, so it’s worth it.

Luraco iRobot 7 Plus

Luraco irobot 7 plus

Luraco iRobot 7 Plus is the best-appraised massage chair, you can buy. It is the only chair that is Developed, Researched, and Assembled in the USA with The Best Warranty In the Industry.

These leaning massage chairs have the most elevated number of airbags that give a careful massage. 

When the output is done, you can choose any message from the pre-modified massage settings or can even alter your very own utilizing the various modes. 

It is one of the most lavish and the best massage chairs that has an inbuilt music player and speakers that let you tune in to your preferred tracks. 

It is additionally the calmest one among all the looked into massage chairs (models) that wouldn’t incense you with superfluous commotion originating from its pneumatic machine and engines.

Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair

Human Touch Novo XT massage chair

A new great massage recliner, the Human Touch Novo XT chair, is a spatial and wall hanger, suitable for smaller apartments and rooms.

You can position it easily and recline it smoothly a few inches away from the wall.

The NovoXT measurements had a width of 7 cc and a length of 10 cc compared to the Luraco model.

Score performance is something this model is known for more for!

Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki OS-4000

The Osaki OS-4000 is a good massage chair that comes with an easy-to-use control panel and reliable zero gravity function. The chair uses a 3D technology to scan, adapt and enhance its performance to the particular features of your spine. The massage chair provides a good mix of technologies, in addition to the highly personalized massage experience, to ensure every user’s best experience.

Relaxon chair MK-II Plus

relaxon chair MK-ii

These chairs are known for the quality of massage chairs and there are no exceptions to MK-II Plus. It has massage nodes on the L-track like other massage chairs, enabling you to concentrate really on your lower back. Nevertheless, it also offers a wide range of other features as opposed to other versions in its price range.Three zero-gravity settings are open, which not only allow you to recline, but also to lay apart to relieve the strain from your entire body.

Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair Recliner

KAHUNA the best massage chair

The massage recliner is space efficient and requires only 5 centimeters from the wall. It is also in this price category one of the famous Amazon Recliners massage chairs.

The quality is almost 4 times smaller than iRobotics chair or novo-XT chair. It’s a fairly expensive massage chair.

Without many additional features, the company manages costs by focussing primarily on the back massage.

The Kahuna massage chair model features a specially designed L-track configuration of four 2D rollers that relax the lower body to the glutes.

Inada Dream Wave

inada dream wave

In Japan, however, this model used components that are made in China. This model was planned and assembled. This remains a trustworthy platform.

A 3D roller massage system that also helps you to change the pace almost as much as 4D rollers is the standard choices for these massage chairs.

The airbag system is unique and sits on your back.

A special shoulder configuration is used and is usually not used on other massage chairs.

There are also foot, body stretch and hot massage therapy based on the seat and the lumbar area. It is also accessible.

DreamWave feature is one of the intriguing characteristics of this massage chair.

Real Relax Massage Chair

real relax massage chair

If you want a chair, then choose the Real Relax Massage Chair from room to room. It has rear wheels for easy movement, without compromising the characteristics.

The zero gravity and airbag massage are still provided for your entire body plus air compression therapy for your calves and feet.

Heat therapy provides rest and a remote control that is easy to use allows you to adapt the intensity to what fits you.

The remote control mounted is user friendly and allows you to adjust your massage and configuration with a simple touch. Three zero gravitational positions and a range of air bag and roller massage functions and speeds are included.

Choose a head-to-toe massage and depending on the length of time you have to spend between 5 and 30 minutes.

Some people disappointed with the foot-rolling function, but were more than prepared to ignore it with a high-quality price-massage.

What’s the best massage chair?

The best chair among all must be a sensibly valued chair for a list of capabilities however could be evaluated for certain individuals. Can be space-expending (not a space saver).

The body scan innovation can require a significant period to wrap up. Be that as it may, you can affix up the procedure through programming (appear to be resolved with I7 Plus overhaul).

If you enact the voice control include, it will give you an all-out record of each phase that you experience. This can be a touch of irritating to a few.

best network Of India for Pubg mobile and tik tok users

Best network of india
Best network of india

Hey, are you a heavy user of Internet and used to play online games like PUBG Mobile and surf HD videos on YouTube and Tik Tok and wanted to know which Internet service provider is Best network of India so that you can get a decent Internet speed and a good browsing experience, hence today we are going to help you to choose the best network of India.

Due to cheap Internet rates as well as increase in the coverage area of a good quality of Best network of India, Internet users are increasing day by day and surf different site on Internet and some of them are choosing Internet marketing, YouTube, tiktok as a carrier options like these days you will find hundreds of new YouTubers, as well as tik tokers, are arriving daily and if you will observe them then you will find that many of them are from the small villages and towns this is only possible due to the starting of a cheap internet era in India.

Due to the all these the gaming is also becoming popular in India and these days live gaming channels are at decent levels of subscribers and popularity only by playing Pubg mobile but most of the live streamers are complaint that the slow Internet is causing problem to then in online streaming, as streaming requires a good Internet speed so here

we are listing most trusted and best network of India…

Reliance Jio

Jio is the newest among all service providers and got a huge success in almost 4-5 years and became the largest internet provider in India leaving old companies like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone etc far behind.

Jio has brought revolutionary changes in the telecommunication sector of India and offered the cheapest internet in the world due to which many companies who were not able to offer internet at such discount rates collapsed soon and only a few providers are left these days.

Unlike other networks, Jio has only 4G network coverage across the 22 circles of India and offers high-speed internet even in the remote areas and improving its service quality day by day.

According to the latest reports, Jio has more than 33 crore users across the country and the reason behind this success was the free and unlimited Internet at a high speed which has been offered by the company during its initial years in 2015-16 and but a huge user base due to the free services but it takes and now it is one of the most trusted internet service providers among the internet users.

Jio, as well as all other providers, are making changes in their planes due to several reasons but still, Jio is offering the cheapest internet in the world.

The most basic plan of Jio offers unlimited Jio to Jio calling and FUP of 300 minutes for Jio to non-Jio calling with 1 GB per day data for 24 days and you are not going to get offers like this anywhere else.

Vodafone – Idea

Before the arrival of the Jio, Vodafone and Idea are among the tough competitors of the telecommunication market but to overcome the loses they are getting due to several reasons Vodafone India joined Idea Celluar and named it as Vodafone Idea Limited and now provides services under the two names Vodafone and Idea.

Vodafone and idea both are the older services providers and offer 2G,3G and 4G VOLTE service, therefore,  both have good customers base and when they merged together then became the largest network in India but soon they lost many customers and sifted to 2nd position company after the Jio based on users. You will notice that the all major network in India have only a few lakh users difference in their customers, therefore, it is hard to say that which one has more customers at any time but these companies disclose the number of users time to time so that we can get a rough idea about users base of that network provider.

You can get the details of the latest plane from the official website of Vodafone idea as they keep changing planes regularly.

Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel is one of the oldest telecommunication company which provides its services across the world and is the third-largest internet provider in India after Jio and Vodafone-Idea having more than 32 crore users in India. Airtel comes to third place because  Idea and Vodafone joined together so that they can sustain in the market as a huge amount of money has to be paid to the Indian government.

Due to the older one, the Airtel has a huge trust bond among the customers although it is the most expensive internet provider among all the internet providers in India. After the arrival of Jio, the company have lost many users but also gain a lot of more users than it has lost due to the deal with Telenor to acquire it in 2017 and also get many Aircel users due to collapsing of the Aircel.

Airtel it is still at a strong position due to only the trust of the users which it has built in the past years due to its descent services which have kept the company and the company have almost same planes like other are providing and you can trust on Airtel for a good quality 4G speed.


Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is run by the government of India so it has the widest coverage area across the country with more than 11 crore users across the country.

The major drawback of BSNL is that it has only its 4G LTE services only in few circles but the good news is that BSNL is going to start its 4G services in all other circles soon and users can access its internet services at a much faster rate.

Since BSNL is a government-owned network, therefore you can easily trust on its coverage areas even in the hilly areas.

In the last few years, BSNL has lost many customers due to unavailability of 4G services and tough competition among the network providers.

When the 4G services have been started for the first time in India you have seen many ads regarding the internet speed and much more but the reality is that the shown data are quite different from the reality hence here we have provided our picks of best network of India so that you can choose the correct and best one.

We hope guys if you are going take a new subscription then this article will really help you to choose the best network of India so that you can enjoy online games like Pubg and stream videos on tiktok without any network issue.

How to Write a best Product Reviews for Affiliate Marketing in 2020

Product reviews
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay
Product reviews
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Writing product reviews is actually a very good thing. They inform other people about a particular product beforehand and you can also earn money online from it.

It is really important that you write a Best product reviews, however, this will maximize its usefulness, make it more relevant to the people reading it and make it more likely that you will be paid to write a product reviews and also you can create a large user base who really trust you and your given product reviews from which you can earn a lot of money from Affiliate Marketing too.

 Here are some important tips for writing a best product reviews.

Get Direct to the point

People want to know directly what you’re reviewing. State it clearly and simply – preferably in the title of your piece – so that users know immediately what it is about. Don’t make it messy. Always think yourself as user and ask yourself that what type of title you will select if you search as a user.

Don’t try to write anything which doesn’t make a sense. Let people know the topic of your review and then review it.

What are the goals of product evaluation?

Before you can say whether a product is successful or not, you need to say what it was intended to do. Try to get some literature or information from the company who produced the product to see what their intentions for it were.

 Make sure it’s clear in your review what the goals of products are so people can judge the rest of your review against them.

What does the product do?

This is the bit where you write what the product exactly does. Compare its written specification to the results you have actually achieved.

For instance, if you are reviewing a computer, does it achieve the speeds it says it should? What is the specification on this and how does it compare to other products on the market? This is the factual bit that explains the product in question.

You don’t have to cover every little detail, but you should make sure your review touches on all the key points and perhaps highlights some issues or features that otherwise wouldn’t receive much attention. You can also bring in some general opinions about the product.

Other information

This is your chance to go into more detail about aspects of the product and review any individually significant components.

For example, if you are reviewing a Web hosting, then think about the type of hosting, features of hosting plan, end-to-end support, etc…

You can also review them all separately and say how they fit together overall.

 Does the product have some disadvantage, or is there something that is very important to know about that products then please let users to know it. This could help you gain trust from Users so, that they could believe that you are true about these products and also help to get permanent visitors in your site.

Every time they go for online shopping first they search you and of course your reviews.

 Final thoughts

At the end of the review it is a good idea to combine your thoughts about the product into one or two sentences.

Remember The Golden Rule?

“Treat others how you want to be treated.”

Where can you buy it?

People like to read product reviews because they are interested in buying those products. Make sure you include the link and the price so that people know where they can buy it and how much it is.

Make it really clear so that they can easily click and go through the trusted website where the product is available to buy.

Top 5 Best Room Heaters in India On Demand: 2020 Reviews

best room heaters
best room heaters

Winters can be quite severe, especially in the northern parts of India. Sometimes the temperature goes below 5 degrees or even in minus (-). So blankets and layers of woolen clothes also may not be enough to withstand this extreme weather. Therefore, best room heaters in India are the right solution.

These devices can keep sufficient heat inside the room and make you Warm even during the cold Weather.

Different models of Heaters are available in the Indian market. Some Are Cheap and Some Are Expensive and Both Does Same Works but- Just We as we use to say in India

 “Jitni Chini Daloge Chai Utni Mithi Hogi”

Any way we had researched Some Best Room heaters in India which are on top and Best Demand in India.

Please choose the right one for your needs:

Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater BUY FROM AMAZON
Usha Quartz Room heaters (3002) 800-Watt BUY FROM AMAZON
Bajaj Blow Hot 2000 Watts Fan Forced Circulation BUY FROM AMAZON
Usha Fan Heater (1212PTC) 1500-Watt BUY FROM AMAZON
LONGWAY Noiseless & Over Heat Protected BUY FROM AMAZON
  1. Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater
best room heaters

Product Features

Uses a maximum of 2000 watts and requires an operative voltage of 220-240 volts.

None sagging, cool touch body.

1 year warranty

Product Description

Must-Have for winter, winter can get quite harsh sometimes. To make sure you are always ready to take the drop in temperature, Orpat offers you this element heater that ensures the heat spreads wide so you do not need to huddle up close to the heater. It offers two heat settings of 1000W and 2000W. Turn the temperature down or up with a simple twist of the knob.

From the Manufacturer

Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Element Heater functions as a best room heaters in India in cold weather. The heater has the capacity to be on for a considerable time while heating an area at its highest temperature. However, for a comforting equilibrium, it is suggested that the temperature of the heater be turned down in time.

The element heater is a very safe product. It has both a safety as well as a thermal cut out that ensures that the machine stays safe for use for extended periods of time, despite having to work at high temperatures. This ensures that the room remains heated throughout the day or night.

The Orpat element heater is made to have a cool-to-touch exterior to ensure it is safe to be touched or moved even while it is switched on. This in turn makes it more convenient to be placed anywhere in the room as well as to be safely stored when not in use.

The element heater has two separate heat settings, one that uses 1000 watts of power and the other that uses 2000 watts of power while working. The inbuilt handle provides the option of moving the element heater from one place to another with ease, even while it is working.

The Heater comes with a one year warranty and is available in the color white.

  • Usha Quartz Room heaters (3002) 800-Watt with Overheating Protection (Ivory)
best room heaters

Products Features:

Consumes 230 volts

Comes with a safety switch that automatically shuts of the heater to prevent overheating or in case it falls or tips over

The heating element used is a quartz tube

Finished with a powder coating that prevents corrosion

Product Description

SAFETY DEVICE: Safety tip over switch cuts off the heater in case it tilts or falls.

POWDER COATED FINISH: Powder coated finish to prevent corrosion.

ENERGY SAVER: Low power consumption.

HEATING POSITIONS: There are two heating positions to suit your comfort.

CORD STORAGE FACILITY: Power cord can be easily mounted on the hooks provided at the back of the heater for storage.

From the Manufacturer

The Usha Best room heaters are that can effectively heat any given surrounding at adjustable temperatures. This product greatly helps to keep you warm during winters.

Economically designed, the Usha Best room heaters consume 230 volts. To prevent overheating, the heater comes with a switch that automatically shuts it off, before it can overheat. This switch also cuts off the heater in case it falls or tips over.

Usha QH 3002 Quartz best Room heaters are finished with a powder coating, which prevents it from corroding. Also, the heater can be positioned in two different ways, depending on your comfort and requirement. It even has hooks at the back that have been specifically provided to mount the power cord of the heater for easy storage.

  • Bajaj Blow Hot 2000 Watts Fan Forced Circulation Room heaters
best room heaters

Product Features

The motor operates at a maximum power of 50 watts AC, with a 230V power supply, 50Hz, 800 RPM.

Element requires a maximum of 2000 watts AC.

2 years Warranty

Available with a 3-pin power cord having 3 cores, 16A current.

Auto thermal cut-off feature and Neon indicators provided.

Product Description

Two long-running heating elements, each of 1 kilowatt power are incorporated into the heater’s design. It consists of a thermostat, which allows the users to maintain the required temperature by tweaking the average power.

This is achieved by turning off the heater beyond a threshold temperature and turning it back on when the temperature falls back to normal. An additional thermal cut-off switch prevents overheating if the thermostat fails. The stand is designed to provide both upward and downward flow of warm air. Bajaj Best Room heaters can be used as a forced air circulatory, a drier, or a Best room heaters in India.

Its compact design makes it portable and user friendly. Switching on the fan before turning on the heating element distributes heat quickly over a large area and ensures long life of the product. Neon Indicator is used to indicate that the heater is on.

Two heat setting options enable fixing the operating power of the heating element to 1000 and 2000 watts. Design and Capacity: The body material of the Bajaj blow hot fan best room heaters is ABS, which provides high impact resistance and toughness, and its grille material is plastic.

The sturdy Bajaj heater’s operation is so noiseless that you will even forget that it exists except for the warm or hot feeling it provides. The Bajaj Product is designed in such a way that it used for easy mobility. The height is also adjustable.

From the Manufacturer

Bajaj Blow Hot 2000-Watt Room heaters comes in handy during winters. It is economical in its usage. Its sturdy outer body is built with stove-enameled MS sheet. The exquisitely construed control keys can gently dispense cool, warm, or hot breeze.

Two long-running heating elements, each of 1 kilowatt power are incorporated into the heater’s design. It consists of a thermostat, which allows the users to maintain the required temperature by tweaking the average power.

This is achieved by turning off the heater beyond a threshold temperature and turning it back on when the temperature falls back to normal. An additional thermal cut-off switch prevents overheating if the thermostat fails. The stand is designed to provide both upward and downward flow of warm air.

Bajaj Room heaters can be used as a forced air circulation, a drier, or a Best room heaters in India. Its compact design makes it portable and user friendly.

Switching on the fan before turning on the heating element distributes heat quickly over a large area and ensures long life of the product. Neon Indicator is used to indicate that the heater is on. Two heat setting options enable fixing the operating power of the heating element to 1000 and 2000 watts.

The well-adjusted motor and blower assembly is shielded by a reflector. This enables ideally regulated air flow and completely noiseless operation. Monthly lubrication of the motor prolongs its lifetime. Bajaj room heaters can also be used as a fan during summer. Its multifarious applications and utilitarian build make it a sterling pick for the consumers.

  • Usha Fan Heater (1212 PTC) 1500-Watt with Adjustable Thermostat (Black/Brown)
best room heaters

Products features

Meant for Spot Heating

Room Size: Up to 150 sq ft

2 Stage Safeties for Overheating Protection

Two Heating Elements for Energy Saving Options

Fire Retardant Strong ABS Housing

ISI Mark

1 Year Warranty

Products Description

Come winter and we all crave for the warmth of quilts and blankets to snuggle up. But why wait for bedtime? This heater will regulate the temperature in the room to keep it warm and cozy. You can now do your household work easily without enduring the bitter chill. It is portable and allows you to adjust the temperature as per your need.

Technical Specifications Voltage 220-240V AC, 50Hz Wattage Low: 900W/ High: 1500W Additional Features Portable Fan Heater Portable Fan Heater with Inbuilt Grip

PTC Heating Elements PTC Heating Elements with inbuilt safety, power saving and longer life Safety Two Stage Safety for Over Heating Protection ABS Housing Fire Retardant Strong ABS Housing Thermostat Adjustable Thermostat Heating Instant Heating.

Safety Features Tip-over Switch: Yes

Overheat Protection: Yes

Touch Sensor; No

  • LONGWAY Noiseless & Over Heat Protected Fan Room heaters (Heat Star)
best room heaters

Products features

Instant Warm: 2000 Watts Heat Convector Room heaters ensures your comfort during chilly winters.

Personalized Comfort: Customized to your heating needs with an adjustable thermostat and two heat settings (1000 W/ 2000 W)

 Neat & Clean Operation: since there isn’t any need for refrigerant or oxygen.

Cord Type: PVC; Effective Cord Length (in meters): 1.7;

Cord Plug Material: Molded PP filled Peace of Mind: Featuring auto thermal shutoff to prevent overheating

Convenient & Elegant: The compactness

Products Description

It will quickly heat up your room and provide you with much-needed warmth. This heater ensures an even distribution of heat to keep you and the entire room warm. This heat convector has an overheat protection system.

This heat convector boasts of a compact design that utilizes minimum space and can be easily carried from one room to another. Two long-running heating elements, each of 1 kilowatt power are incorporated into the heater’s design.

It consists of a thermostat, which allows the users to maintain the required temperature by tweaking the average power. This is achieved by turning off the heater beyond a threshold temperature and turning it back on when the temperature falls back to normal.

An additional thermal cut-off switch prevents overheating if the thermostat fails. The stand is designed to provide both upward and downward flow of warm air.which make it best room heaters in India

10 Best and Powerful Yoga Poses For Weight Loss for beginners

yoga poses
yoga poses
yoga poses
yoga poses

All of us want to look smart and decent. No one wants to look overweight and chubby. To achieve these goals you need to engage in and start a training routine. A training course is a series of exercises with yoga poses which help in Weight loss and shape your body.

You can do the best you can to do a healthy home routine. If you stay at home, try some great and easy exercises, which help you to weight loss, and you will experience positive health and physical changes. Make your habits for a morning walk. The body’s importance is to make the legs move. Try a 15-20 minute walk every day. Besides, you can always play a few easy games with exercise. They can be skipping football, basketball or rope games. Once you begin shaping your life in a new pattern, all due to simple homework will yield incredible results on weight loss!

yoga poses for weight loss for beginners


yoga poses plank

Holding a plank can be one of the best ways to strengthen your immune. It may not look like a lot, but it will fall into the plank and it will not be long before it is felt in your stomach. Subtle modifications can further increase the intensity.

Draw your heels with full force and walk quickly in the opposite direction and keep your chest going between your sides. Make it for rock-hard abs every day.

Practice core planks by putting the right knee back into your chest, then into your upper right arm, then through your left arm. Repeat on every side three times. Try to lift a leg straight from the floor. Keep the leg as you move to Chaturanga or a Downward Dog with three legs.

Downward dog ( Adho Mukha Svanasana )

yoga poses downward dog

Need a way to tone your whole body? Downwards Dog is the best yoga pose. This yoga poses goes from a restful posture to a radical way of strengthening your arm, back and thighs with a little more attention to certain muscles.

In case you rotate your thigh’s muscles inside and do the same with your upper arm, to get the most muscle tone benefits. Keep pushing down your hands and heels. Hold it— not forget to breathe! Hold it.


Place your hands a bit wider than the width of your shoulder on the floor and stretch your legs behind you. Brace your body center and lower your body until just above the level is your chest. Take down for two seconds and back up for two seconds. Throughout the movement, remember to keep your back flat, your elbows close to the sides of your torso, and fully extend your elbows at the top of the pushup.


yoga poses chaturangas

In the yoga community, the best way to build strength is by doing one million chaturangas. Chaturanga is the transitional Yoga pose that forms the part of vinyasa between plank and dog facing upwards. Yes, chaturanga builds strength for that particular move, but only for that particular one.

Due to the nature of the transition, less than an ideal form can be taken away, which can over time cause recurrent stress injuries in the shoulders. It is best to build strength to prevent these injuries. And if strength is what we want beyond chaturanga, we have to train the entire movement.

Shoulder stand ( Sarvangasana )

yoga poses shoulder stand

From digestion improvement to thyroid therapy and even greater strength, the shoulder support does everything.

The reverse measures the level of thyroids, which increases metabolism, improves breathing, strengthens your upper body, legs and abdominal tracts, and improves sleep. Furthermore, you will feel like a new person daily.

Bow Pose ( Dhanurasana )

yoga poses bow

You are searching a way to burn fat quickly? The bow Yoga poses could help! By pulling your hands and feet in the opposite directions you can get deeper into your pose until only your abdomen and pelvic touch the ground.

Bow does not only help the abdominal organs to improve digestion, it is also an incredible way to strengthen the thighs, chest and back. It also

Strengthen your back, open your shoulders and chest, stabilize your legs, increase the function of hip flexors, stimulate digestion and flow of energy in your internal bodies. You must try it for Weight Loss.

Chair Pose( Utkatasana )

yoga poses

The practice of yoga that includes changing yoga positions while sitting on a chair is known as chair yoga.

These differences make yoga easy for those who are not able to stand up and work out even for those who are lazy.

There’s no denying that and we all have those kind of days. This is also good news for people who sit seven to nine hours a day in the office. You can therefore make varying lengths, bends, twists, and more as you are stung to your chair.

Jalandhara Bandha

Stand straight alongside your feet and your hands. Now lift up your arms over your head to your palms and bend slowly, exactly like you would in the squat position, from your knees now. Your thighs should be on the ground parallel. Stay 10-15 seconds in position.

This yoga poses tones facial muscles and is also a good stressors. It’s a fundamental approach, and anyone can, regardless of their age. When you sit in the Lion and stick your language away, the thorax and spine are stretched on your facial muscles.

Precautions: This yoga poses should be done under the supervision of a certified yoga professor if you have breathing problems. Remain breathable when you have high blood pressure or heart disease.

Bench Press

You have to Lie on a bench and grasp the bar a little wider than the width of the shoulder. Lower the bar to your chest while tightening your glute and abs, slightly tucking your elbows and arching your back. Drive your feet in the floor when the bar touches your body to press the bar back up. Adjust the weights for each set accordingly.

Push Press

Take a barbell, hold it at shoulder height with an overhand grip. Keep your elbows parallel to the ground and your upper arm. Bend your knees slightly and drop as you keep your torso upright and avoid leaning forward. Expand your knees and hips explosively as you overhead drive the barbell and stand up tall. Lower the barbell to your shoulders slowly before you repeat.

Lunge exercise ( Anjaneyasana )

Stand hip-width apart with hands-on-hips and feet. Take your right leg forward and lower your body slowly until your left (back) knee reaches or touches the floor and bends at least 90 degrees.

Return to the starting position and on the other side, repeat. Try to step back into the lung for a variation.

Final words Everyone’s dream is to have a perfect body shape and a strong immune system. But you need to be so active and work on a daily basis in order to achieve this dream. Work is not only slim and intelligent, but also activates and enhances energy. Try the incredible yoga poses above when you start a workout for weight loss !